Pokemon GO: Third Nest Migration Appears to Have Rolled Out

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Pokemon GO players notice some major changes to the game's Pokemon nests, and determine that Niantic has once again refreshed the species that appear in each nest.

Big updates to Pokemon GO have brought new innovations like the Pokemon buddy system, but developer Niantic frequently makes tweaks under the radar, too. Multiple users are now reporting that the game's spawning nests have changed, drastically altering what players can expect to find in their local area.

Pokemon GO fans and the gamers behind The Silph Road have determined that a third nest migration has taken place. Gamers who have located Pokemon nests within the game have discovered that many of the nests no longer contain the same species of Pokemon that they once did. However, the exact understanding of how the Pokemon nests have changed hasn't yet been determined. The Silph Road is collecting information on what nests have transformed, and what Pokemon can now be found there, but the overall consensus from users indicates that the changes appear to be random. For example, some users have found former Charmander nests are now Jigglypuff nests, while other Charmander nest locations have changed into Diglett nests.

This isn't the first time that Niantic has switched up what spawns in nests, and it does help players to collect more Pokemon locally. Pokemon nests changed what they had to offer two months ago, so players have had a decent amount of time to get out there and catch everything their local nests have to offer. Considering that players now know that Pokemon eggs are region-specific, occasionally changing the nests should allow players an easy way to further fill up their Pokedexes without having to travel the world. However, it also serves to frustrate some players, as many nests containing elusive or rare Pokemon have been changed into more common varieties of Pokemon.


Niantic will have to work hard in order to regain the popularity that Pokemon GO saw at its peak. The game has seen a 79% drop in paying users since its release in July, and many have expressed frustration at the game becoming stale quickly. Although switching up Pokemon nests and allowing players to catch Pokemon that would otherwise be extremely rare in their area may please current players, it's unlikely to attract gamers who have already put the game down.

Pokemon nests may not be as important to players as they once were, since the Pokemon buddy system introduced an easier way to get Pokemon candy. However, quickly catching multiples of the same type of Pokemon is an easy way to level up a Pokemon and rank up the trainer, so Pokemon nests haven't completely lost their purpose just yet. In any case, Pokemon GO players should make sure to visit any nests that have Pokemon they need, as they're not going to last forever.

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Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Silph Road

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