For Pokemon GO players who want to maximize their damage in every Battle Raid or gym takeover, TMs are an incredibly valuable resource. The items allow players to reroll for a different fast or charge attack and can make a mediocre pokemon much, much more reliable in a fight. Unfortunately for the less hardcore players, sometimes it’s hard to tell which moves are right for a given situation. This Pokemon GO moveset guide should help with that.

Each -type has its own set of moves and some are better than others. For the most part, each type has one or two top tier moves that players will want to use TMs to secure before taking those pokemon into battle. Having a perfect IV top tier pokemon is great, but using TMs to get the correct moveset in place is what really seals the deal when it comes to reaching maximum DPS.

For a crash course, we’ve outlined the best fast and charge moves for each -type below. Take a look and then compare what is listed here with what your top tier pokemon currently have equipped. If you have the TMs in inventory to start rolling for some upgrades, use this info and get to work…


Fast move – Bug Bite/Fury Cutter

Charge move – X-Scissor


Fast move – Bite

Charge move – Foul Play/Crunch



Fast move – Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail

Charge move – Outrage/Dragon Claw


Fast move – Thunder Shock/Spark

Charge move – Wild Charge


Fast move – None

Charge move – Play Rough/Dazzling Gleam


Fast move – Counter/Karate Chop

Charge move – Dynamic Punch/Focus Blast


Fast move – Fire Spin

Charge move – Overheat


Fast move – Air Slash/Wing Attack

Charge move – Sky Attack


Fast move – Shadow Claw

Charge move – Shadow Ball


Fast move – Vine Whip/Razor Leaf

Charge move – Power Whip/Grass Knot/Leaf Blade/Solar Beam


Fast move – Mud Shot

Charge move – Drill Run/Earthquake


Fast move – Frost Breath/Ice Shard/Powder Snow

Charge move – Avalanche/Ice Beam


Fast move – Scratch/Pound/Tackle/Cut/Quick Attack

Charge move – Body Slam/Hyper Beam


Fast move – Poison Jab/Acid

Charge move – Sludge Bomb/Gunk Shot



Fast move – Confusion/Psycho Cut

Charge move – Future Sight/Psychic


Fast move – Rock Throw

Charge move – Rock Slide/Stone Edge/Rock Blast


Fast move – Steel Wing/Metal Claw

Charge move – Iron Head/Heavy Slam


Fast move – Water Gun/Waterfall

Charge move – Surf/Hydro Pump/Aqua Tail


TMs are a valuable resource in Pokemon GO and once you start using them, it becomes very clear how quickly they disappear. The best way to secure more is to participate in Battle Raids, so be sure to do at least one of those a day if you want to keep your chances high of always having a fast or charge TM at the ready.

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Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: DocDroid