Pokemon GO Reveals Team Leaders, Teases Legendary Pokemon Releases

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At its Comic-Con 2016 panel, Pokemon GO developer Niantic reveals the team leaders for the three teams in the game and teases future legendary Pokemon release events.

When Pokémon GO first debuted in various countries around the globe it did so with some pieces missing. A few will be added in the coming months according to developer Niantic, but one was revealed as part of the company’s Pokémon GO panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

In front of a packed house of 6,500 strong, Niantic CEO John Hanke had a lot to say about the development and the evolution of Pokémon GO at the panel. Some rumors suggested he might have even more to say and reveal, but unfortunately the panel was mostly a celebration of the fandom surrounding Pokémon Go – and it was palpable. So much so that Team Mystic members booed any mention of Team Valor members.

As was evidenced by the rowdy panel attendees, clearly the teams in Pokémon GO are a big deal. When picking a team at level 5 the player should choose wisely, because which one they choose can have a major impact on their future experience.

Speaking to that, Hanke revealed the Team leaders for Pokémon GO during the Comic-Con panel: Blanche, Candela, and Spark. Each leader’s name has a playful nod to the team element and their looks support that as well.

pokemon go team leader

As far as what the team leaders will do for their respective groups, Hanke didn’t say too much. He did reveal that the team leaders will pop in to give Pokémon GO players advice and eventually offer them more things to do in the game. Nanke didn’t say much more than that, or reveal when the team leaders might be added to the game, but we suspect it could be rather soon.

While a lot of the Pokémon GO panel audience questions were focused on future updates to the game, like Pokémon trading, Hanke wanted to make clear that the game isn’t even fully released yet. Japan, one of the biggest countries in support of Pokémon, only just got the game a few days ago.

So with that said, Hanke made it clear that the focus right now is on ensuring the launch goes as smooth as possible and that the servers stay up. Server crashes has been a major problem for the game during its early infancy and fixing those seems to be Niantic’s main priority.

Once things do settle down, though, the future is looking mighty bright for Pokémon GO. Among the things teased for the future were ways to interact and change Pokestops, improvements to Gyms, and major Pokémon release events.

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