T-Mobile announces a free promotion that will make the Pokemon GO application exempt from data charges for a year, along with some extra prize giveaways.

It looks like Mcdonald’s isn’t the only company looking to tie itself in with the Pokemon GO madness that has taken over the globe: T-Mobile has just announced a large promotion that makes the popular application exempt from data charges. The deal is available to T-Mobile customers everywhere through the T-Mobile Tuesday application, so customers who were hitting their data caps thanks to Pokemon GO can now flaunt the application everywhere once again.

The campaign starts next Tuesday, and grants a full year of data exemption for the Pokemon GO application. Given how Niantic’s hit title has caused gamers to go out and socialize more than any other game (though perhaps less so than Tinder, an app which it recently surpassed in popularity), the unlimited data offer is sure to get snapped up by countless fans. It’s a pretty win-win scenario: the carrier gets great publicity, and fans of the game no longer have to worry about data charges.

John Legere, the eccentric CEO of the communications company, announced the unique promotion in the form of an appropriate Pokemon GO selfie:

In addition to the exemption from all Pokemon GO-related data charges, the company is also stepping up with a few extra incentives for customers. Instead of hiring a personal driver to go between PokeStops, T-Mobile customers can get a free Lyft ride of up to $15 to commute between PokeStops. The company is also putting a discount on portable power packs, which have seen a sharp rise in demand since the battery-intensive application launched. The company also mentioned a promotion involving a free Wendy’s Frosty, though even the official announcement understandably struggled to tie that in to something involving Pokemon GO.

Those who subscribe to the T-Mobile service can activate the free data exemption by logging into the T-Mobile Tuesday application and selecting the gift, which will appear next Tuesday. Dedicated gamers can opt-in to the promotion between July 19th to August 9th, so there’s no real rush to activate the deal. 250 random trainers will also get a prize package of 100 PokeCoins, and 5 other fans will win a ‘Pokemon GO hunting trip’, which actually just means a free flight to anywhere in the US.

As hordes of new trainers take to the streets (unlimited data or no), it’s important to remember to stay safe and watch out for cars. There have already been several accidents involving Pokemon GO, and in real life you don’t just white out and wake up at Pokemon Center. While data on Pokemon GO is free, hospital bills aren’t – stay safe!

What do you think of the promotion, Ranters?

Source: T-Mobile