Huge Pokemon GO Event Coming in Summer

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Pokemon GO may finally be getting their wish, as Niantic's Japan staff confirm the existence of a large-scale event coming this Summer. In a recent interview with Niantic's Asian General Manager, Yoshiji Kawashima, and Asian General Marketing Manager, Kenji Suka, Japanese site K-Tai Watch reports that a huge event is being planned for July 2017, and that new in-game mechanics are being developed.

While no exact release date was given for the event, many players believe that the Pokemon GO update might finally be introducing the long-awaited Legendary creatures that players will have to work together to capture. Unfortunately, the managers were unable to reveal any more details about the upcoming Summer special.

"I hope you are looking forward to this huge event this Summer," Kawashima commented. "Please look forward to it. Engineers are working hard now so that new functions can be implemented."

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Some of the new mechanics said to be in the works include a PvP function, co-operative raids, and player trading. These are not all likely to release at once, but the ability to play together with friends is reportedly confirmed by Niantic to be coming this Spring. Interaction between friends has been high on players' wish lists, and it could take on various forms. Niantic has said in the past that trading might be too complex for the game right now, but something that allows players to work together to accomplish a goal sounds a lot more feasible.

Smaller scale events, such as the recent Water Festival, and currently active Easter Eggstravaganza are also scheduled to be coming in the next year. This is likely to keep the game's dwindling player-count invested in the title, and bring back some of the fans who lost interest in the one-time cultural phenomenon. Each Pokemon GO event has helped launch the mobile game back to the top of the App Store, if only for a week or two at a time.

In other Pokemon GO news, a recent study has revealed that people who play Niantic's popular AR game tend to be more positive and friendly in general. The study was completed by the University of Wisconsin Madison and surveyed over four-hundred people before coming to this rather wholesome conclusion.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices. The huge Summer event is said to be releasing in July 2017.

Source: K-Tai Watch (via androidcentral)

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