Pokemon GO: All Summer Community Day Event Dates Revealed

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Although many Pokemon GO players may just be looking forward to the forthcoming Bagon Community Day, developer Niantic has its eyes on summer and the events that will take place for its wildly popular mobile ARG. In fact, Niantic recently announced its Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Summer Tour and every date for its monthly Community Day event through May, June, July, and August.

Following the aforementioned Bagon Community Day (April), Pokemon GO's May Community Day will take place on the 19th, June Community Day will take place on the 8th, July Community Day will take place on the 21st, and August Community Day will take place on the 3rd. Because of this reveal, players will be able to mark their calendars and take note of small, yet important, details. For example, some may notice that the time between June Community Day and July is a rather large gap, whereas the difference between July and August is much smaller.

Times were not confirmed either, but each date will likely follow the recently established trend of taking place from 3 PM to 6 PM local time.  Another established trend that may help identify some of these Community Days is the rotating starters, as Chikorita Day took place in September 2018, Cyndaquil took place in November 2018, and Totodile took place in January 2019. Treecko followed up in March 2019, which means the gen 3 Fire-type starter Torchic will likely be featured in the May Community Day, and the gen 3 Water-type starter Mudkip will appear in July.

Of course, there is always the possibility Niantic decides to shake up this Pokemon GO pattern, but this doesn't seem likely. Having established dates likely means the developer already has already planned the events, so maintaining the gen 3 starters makes the most sense. Which Pokemon are featured in June and August, however, is in the air, though there will always be theories.

pokemon go shiny bagon model

For now, Pokemon GO can look forward to the scheduled Bagon Community Day, where its possible that players get their hands on a shiny Bagon, Shelgon, and Salamence. As more details for the forthcoming events become available, be sure to check it out here. Until then, good luck, trainers!

Pokemon GO is out now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

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