Pokemon GO Store Makes Small Change


While Pokemon GO fans continue to wait on proverbial pins and needles for the release of the augmented reality game's long-promised features by imagining how such features as PvP battles could work, it looks as if the developers at Niantic have made some minor updates to the title's shop. As a matter of fact, it was recently discovered by a Reddit user that the company has decided to tweak the digital storefront by moving the most popular items among fans to the top of the shop's listings.

As seen below in the image from the Redditor HungoverHero777, fans of the AR game have made items such as egg incubators and lure modules the most sought-after objects in Pokemon GO. Without a doubt, players of the mobile title are still steadily trying to hatch all of the eggs they've acquired with the use of incubators and are continually attempting to amass their collection of pocket monsters in a bid to "catch 'em all" by coaxing them out of hiding with the assistance of lure modules.


All things considered, despite Pokemon GO's reported daily user drop by 80%, there still seems to be a significant amount of fans supporting Niantic's mobile title, as the developer continues to make a bundle in profits. With any luck, though, those who have remained dedicated players of Pokemon GO will soon be rewarded for their loyalty to logging into the title on a daily basis with an update bringing about the inclusion of Legendaries and a PvP battle system soon enough.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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