As a hugely successful mobile game with over half a billion downloads, Pokemon GO players often take to the streets in their numbers in order to use a Pokestop or a Gym. While this offers a chance to learn more about a location, it can also lead to major headaches for those who have to deal with the flood of people that pass by each day.

One place that knows this well is the city of Old New Castle, DE. City officials have now announced that they will be issuing a Pokemon GO curfew in Battery Park. The city worked with Niantic to ‘switch off’ the game in that area between 9PM and 7AM. Before this curfew, Pokemon GO players would visit the park at all hours of the night as it’s a ‘hot spot’ for rare Pokemon. Those who live nearby say that players leave litter and have also been urinating at the location too.

Moreover, locals have complained of people playing Pokemon GO while driving. City police chief Jamie Rogers says that parking violations and the number of people using their phones while driving has risen since Pokemon GO was released last summer. As there have been several instances of dangerous driving, including one instance of a Pokemon GO player killing someone while driving, it’s understandable why the city is going to such measures.


Council president Linda Ratchford is hopeful that the curfew will be a “productive” way of tackling the problem. It is a way of “making it a good experience for our guests and citizens” as it should help police enforce the rules but it won’t shut out visitors altogether. Pokemon GO players have reportedly come from outside of Delaware to play the game and so opting for a curfew, rather than shutting things down entirely, could also avoid the city’s tourism from taking a hit.

Delaware isn’t the first state to impose a curfew and it is unlikely to be the last. The Pokemon GO legendary raid update means that states are likely going to be faced with more big groups of players in the near future. While most will behave themselves, those that enter areas after closing time or just generally make a nuisance of themselves will end up forcing cities to put curfews in place.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

Source: Delaware Online