Why Pokemon GO Shouldn't Increase Stardust Rewards


Pokemon GO has long been seen as having a Stardust problem, with players annoyed at the lack of the in-game currecncy awarded for performing certain tasks. Stardust, which allows trainers to manually strengthen their Pokemon, is an incredibly valuable resource and one that needs to stay that way.

According to a recent post on the Pokemon GO subreddit, increasing Stardust rewards should not be seen as an option for developer Niantic. This advice comes from user Travisto888, who claims to design board games for a living and provides us with a little insight into what makes a game work. In their discussion thread, the long-term Pokemon fan explains that the game has been getting easier for all players recently, and that increasing Stardust would be game-breaking.


Thanks to raid battles, Travisto now has a stacked roster of strong Pokemon, far stronger than those they had built up before the feature was introduced. What's more, the new gym system lets even low-level users take down gyms to earn a significant 50 coins a day. This new inflation has also reached candy, and raid battle rewards of Rare Candy make it so that levelling up Pokemon is far easier than ever before.

"The only frontier of effort left is in Stardust," claims the Pokemon GO player. "Having a limited amount of Stardust forces players to pick which handful of mons they want to power up... But if Niantic does with Stardust what it has done with mons, candy, and coins, there will be no decisions left because trainers will be able to power up anything they want."

It's a fair analysis to make, and while Niantic appears to be doing its best to make sure that players are still logging on every day, giving in to complaints about a lack of Stardust might not be the way forward. Currently the new legendary Pokemon are giving fans enough incentive to return to the game, and if what the Reddit user claims is true, it should be easy enough for any older accounts to quickly catch up to long-standing players.

Unfortunately for all players, Pokemon GO is still a relatively unstable game, with Niantic so far unable to fix the game's high crash-rate. Should the developer focus its efforts here, spending some time fixing the app's major issues might be as exciting as the new legendary Pokemon to many fans.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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