Pokemon GO developer Niantic has revealed that a new event named Pokemon GO STADIUM will be livestreamed to Facebook in Japan.

Invites to see the event live are extremely rare and no details have been so far been teased. Some Pokemon GO players believe PvP or a new Legendary Pokemon could be revealed, others think it might just be the Pikachu Carnival Parade doing a special routine at Yokohama Stadium. But the most important issue is how to watch for yourself.

According to details shared so far, the Pokemon GO STADIUM event will solely be streamed for Japanese audiences through Facebook.  That means western audiences won’t have a translated version of the stream for themselves but can tune into the Japanese Facebook page if they want to watch anyway. Since it’s a Japanese event, the time zones are going to be challenging. The event starts at 6:00pm Monday August 14 evening in Japan, which translates to 2:00am PT/5:00am ET in the West.

How to Watch Pokemon GO STADIUM Live

Fans are speculating wildly about the event for multiple reasons. The first should be familiar to most Pokemon fans, which is the Pokemon GO STADIUM branding for the event. Pokemon Stadium is a Nintendo 64 game that allowed players to battle their Pokemon against their friends’ Pokemon, so some Pokemon GO players think the reveal may be about PvP. Alternatively, the event is hosted on the final day of Zapdos’ availability, so other Pokemon GO players think a new Legendary Pokemon might be revealed. Maybe they’re both right.

On the other hand, fans are also worried about the upcoming Pokemon GO live event. After the Pokemon GO Fest turned into a catastophe, with digital viewers forced to stare at static images for the bulk of the event, it’s no wonder players are distrusting. But Pokemon GO in Japan is run by a whole different organization and August 14 won’t be its first livestream, though it’ll likely be the largest. Moreover, the organizers wouldn’t be holding the event at all if they didn’t believe it could do better than the Pokemon GO Fest.

No matter the announcement, or lack thereof, Japanese Pokemon GO players should at least have a good time. There’s an ongoing event in Japan spawning rare Pokemon including Unown’s 26 forms, Mr. Mime, and Shiny Pikachu. Not that an announcement wouldn’t be most welcome. After all, the newest Pokemon movie starring the Legendary Pokemon Ho-oh comes out soon.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.