Sprint Giving Away Pokemon GO Promo Codes for Free Lucky Eggs and More

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Looking to spend Memorial Day weekend on the hunt for Pokemon with Pokemon GO? Well, Sprint is giving away promo codes that give Pokemon GO users on Android phones free Great Balls, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and more.

Sprint customers just have to go into one of 200 participating Sprint stores and get their free codes for Pokemon GO. Those codes will unlock Great Balls, Lucky Eggs, Incense, and 200 Trainer Rewards points.

As a reminder (or to fill in those unfamiliar with the game), Great Balls are upgraded Poke Balls that have a higher success rate of capturing Pokemon, Lucky Eggs will double a player's experience gained for thirty minutes, and Incense attracts more Pokemon to the player. The Trainer Rewards points coincide with a promotional program that is exclusive to Sprint.

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It's worth noting that, although this promotion is enticing, there are some restrictions. First, the rewards are obviously only for Sprint customers in the US. In addition, the codes will only work on Android phones because the recently added promo codes feature is only available on the Android version of the phone (Apple does not allow iOS apps to use promotional codes yet). The codes are meant for one per customer, and of course, will only be around while supplies last.

Sprint's official event page for this giveaway can be found here. That's not the only Pokemon GO event Sprint is holding this weekend; a Sprint Store in Colorado Springs is also hosting a Lure-A-Thon event on Sunday, May 28th as well. However, the event is specific to that location, although plenty of other Pokemon GO themed events can be found regularly on weekends.

As for Pokemon GO news outside of this limited time promotion, fans are currently trying to piece together clues that they believe hint at the legendary summer event for the mobile game. Right now the pieces seem to be there, but no one knows if they are on the right track. Perhaps once the holiday weekend calms down, Niantic will offer some hints as to what the summer event entails.

Pokemon GO is available now on iPhone and Android.

Source: Sprint (via Pokemon GO Hub)

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