Pokemon GO: All Spooky Message 2019 Special Research Tasks and Rewards

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Halloween is nearly here, and Pokemon GO is already in the spirit with new Pokemon costumes, and of course, a new batch of special research tasks and rewards.

Pokemon GO has now unveiled "A Spooky Message," a series of Special Research tasks that reward the player with XP, items, and Pokemon. Here's what players can expect to face.

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Veterans of Pokemon GO likely remember that 2018 also had a Spooky Message special research series of tasks that bears a strong similarity to this year's. While the rewards are different, the tasks are primarily the same. This means that players who didn't complete last year's Spooky Message special research can finish it now, as they work towards 2019's. Players should plan on bringing a lot of Pokeballs and berries, as both will be needed in order to complete these Special Research tasks.

Step 1

For the first step, players can expect to face these challenges:

Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon. Reward: Litwick Encounter

Make 8 Great Throws. Reward: 1,080 XP

Use 108 Berries (any type). Reward: Sableye Encounter

Completing all three of these tasks rewards the player with 10 Pokeballs, 1,080 Stardust and eight Silver Pinap berries. This step will use up a lot of berries, but if possible, players should have even more in their inventories to make catching Pokemon in the next step a little easier.

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Step 2

In this step, players will face these challenges:

Catch 10 Dark-type Pokemon. Reward: Yamask encounter.

Spin 8 Pokestops That the Player Hasn't Visited Before. Reward: 1,080 XP.

Catch 108 Pokemon. Reward: Spiritomb encounter.

This is easily the most challenging part of these Halloween special research tasks. Catching 10 Dark-type Pokemon should be fairly simple, as their spawn rates are currently increased. However, players who have played frequently in urban areas or those in rural areas may have difficulty locating enough PokeStops that they haven't already spun before.

In addition, catching 108 Pokemon is no small feat, but thankfully, players can catch whatever they like, including the Yamask that's offered as a reward for participating in this step. Players can also take advantage of the double transfer candy bonus going on between now and November 1st for any Pokemon they don't want to keep.

After completing all three tasks, the player will receive 10 Pokeballs, 1,080 Stardust, and eight Golden Razz Berries.

Step 3

In this step, players don't need to complete any tasks. Simply pull up the task list and select 'Collect Reward' for all three task listings, which will each reward the player with 1,080 XP. After collecting all rewards, the player will be granted even more loot in the form of an additional 1,080 XP and 18 Spiritomb candies to help power up their new Spiritomb.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.

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