Just recently, players who have saved up seven stamps discovered that Raikou encounters are live through Research Breakthrough rewards in Niantic’s wildly popular mobile augmented reality title, Pokemon GO. While PoGO fans are certainly excited to be able to nab the Legendary Electric-type, it seems as if the development team has also decided to add the Gen 3 Normal-type to the game, with Spinda now being available.

As indicated in the image below from the Pokemon GO and Silph Road subreddit member known as “Hyrumoo”, fans of the mobile ARG can acquire Spinda right now in the game. This can be done by completing the “Land 3 Curveballs in a Row” Field Research task.


Although Spinda is known to have millions of spot variations in the main Pokemon games, it appears as if Niantic only decided to add eight different styles of spot placements in PoGO, as the developer took liberties with the Pocket Monster’s design to have it be more compatible with the mobile title’s gameplay. Nevertheless, that likely won’t be of too much concern to Trainers, especially seeing as how most have already voiced their excitement about simply being able to acquire the creature in their mission to “Catch ’em all!”

Taking all of this into account, the addition of Spinda to Pokemon GO is yet another example of Niantic continuing to provide a sumptuous amount of post-launch support to the mobile-ARG and keep fans engaged with the game. Of course, it’s safe to presume that the Gen 3 Normal-type won’t be the last Pokemon to be added, as many are going so far to speculate that the forthcoming Eevee Community Day later this month will actually serve as a launch for the Gen 4 creatures from Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit