Pokemon GO Trick Lets Players Bypass Speed Limit


When traveling as the passenger in a car, Pokemon GO players usually aren't able to collect items from PokeStops due to the game's speed limit restrictions. However, Pokemon GO player and Reddit user CatFrogArts has discovered a trick in the game that allows players to bypass its speed limit restrictions.

Basically, players need to open the journal when near a PokeStop and then immediately close it. This will cause the game to load (to tell if the game is loading, look for a white Pokeball spinning at the top of the screen), giving players a short window of opportunity to spin the PokeStop wheel and collect the items.

Apparently, this trick works because players' speed isn't taken into account when the game is loading. Considering this, there are probably other ways to trigger this exploit, but opening and closing the journal seems to be the quickest method. Anyone that wants to use this trick to collect items from PokeStops without having to worry about the speed limit restrictions will want to do so fast, though, because now that it's out in the open, Niantic may take steps to patch it out of the game.

Since Pokemon GO launched last summer, Niantic has consistently supported it with updates and patches, many of which were implemented as a way to make the game safer for players. This speed limit trick could tempt players that are driving their car to try to collect items from PokeStops as well, which could result in a serious accident.

Niantic has struggled with how to handle the dangers of Pokemon GO when it comes to irresponsible drivers. The game warns players not to play Pokemon GO while driving, and restricts elements of gameplay when players reach certain speeds. Even so, that hasn't stopped some people from playing the game while driving, a choice that has proven deadly on more than one occasion.

The safety issues surrounding Pokemon GO are keeping the game from launching in China, which seems like a major missed opportunity for Niantic from a financial standpoint. Perhaps in an effort to make the game safer, Niantic may patch out this speed limit exploit, or it may take more drastic measures, which could include not letting people play the game at all once they hit a certain speed.

Some players may find such a restriction too limiting, especially those that just want to catch some Pokemon while riding in a car as a passenger. It's hard to say if Niantic will go that far when it comes to its Pokemon GO speed limit restrictions, but fans can likely count on the company fixing this newly discovered exploit, at the very least.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit

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