Although Pokemon GO has resolved many of the technical issues that plagued the early days of the mobile game, the app isn’t without its problems. Most recently, Android users were plagued with recurring login errors for the last few days, forcing them to miss the final hours of the Solstice Event. Luckily, Niantic is going to try to make it up to the community with an extension on the event bonuses.

The Pokemon GO Solstice Event has been going on for the last week and offers players an increased chance to catch fire- and ice-type Pokemon in addition to a few other event bonuses. The special holiday was scheduled to shut down at 1pm PT today (June 20), but it sounds like the party isn’t over quite yet.

In response to the recent login issues impacting Android users, Niantic is extending the Solstice Event for an extra 24 hours. That means that players can continue reaping the rewards of the special holiday until 1pm PT on Wednesday, June 21. That’s not a ton of extra time, but it is a good effort to extend an olive branch to the Android community. Users impacted by the problem have been raging on Reddit about missing the end of the event, so hopefully this helps make it up to them.

It’s been a big week for Pokemon GO with the Solstice Event and the announcement of the upcoming Gym and Battle Raid features, so it’s a shame to see the game suffering from login issues at such a time. According to Niantic, the development team is aware of the current issue and is attempting to find long-term solutions…

“On June, 19 PDT, some Trainers using Pokémon Trainer Club reported issues accessing Pokémon GO on Android… Our team has been actively looking into this issue and working on a solution… We recognize that this has been an ongoing frustration and we are looking into long-term solutions to these login issues.”

Do you plan to get another day of fire and ice hunting in while you can? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select regions.