Of all the appealing new Pokemon GO level 3 Battle Raid bosses, Scyther may be the easiest to defeat and catch. Players who have been doing a lot of raiding up to this point likely already have a team that will be very strong against Scyther and allow them to take him down solo.

Some of the other new level 3 Battle Raid bosses require players to power-up pokemon who haven’t been very useful up to this point, but Scyther’s double weakness against Rock-types means that just about every serious Pokemon GO player already has a full roster of maxed out fighters ready to throw down.

Pokemon GO: Golem May Be Best Bet in Legendary Raids - Golem

As you might expect, Golem is once again going to be the go-to leader for these solo Scyther battles. An army of Golems equipped with Rock Throw and Stone Edge will likely do the trick for this fight. If your army of Golems doesn’t get the job done, there are some other pokemon to add to the rotation who will also be pretty strong.

Scyther has regular weaknesses against Electric-, Flying-, Fire-, and Ice-types. To take advantage of these weaknesses, trainers can add Moltres, Raikou, and Flareon to their list of fighters. Ideally, any of those Fire-types should have Fire Spin equipped.

That should be all it takes to solo Scyther. Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.