Pokemon GO Snapshot Challenge Photo Contest Announced

Earlier this year, a long requested feature made its way to Pokemon GO in GO Snapshot, a photo mode that allows players to stage pictures with their favorite Pokemon. This new feature has given trainers the world over the opportunity to express their creativity through photos, and Niantic has recently announced yet another way for fans to have fun with GO Snapshot.

The Pokemon GO Snapshot Challenge is a chance for players to "put those photography skills to the test," offering three unique "adventures," each of which is focused on creating a specific type of photo. With each adventure, a grand-prize winner and two runners-up will be selected, and these winning contestants, who will be picked based on "originality, creativity, and visual fun," will have some exciting prizes to look forward to.

The first adventure in the Pokemon GO Snapshot Challenge has been deemed the Buddy Challenge, and it asks trainers to take photos that "highlight the connection between them and their Buddy Pokemon." What this means is certainly open to interpretation, but the announcement cites examples ranging from hanging at home with a favorite Pokemon to enjoying the outdoors with it.

The Buddy Challenge will take place from April 15 to April 24. During this time, players should post their best three photos to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #GOsnapshot and #BuddyChallenge.

pokemon go snapshot challenge

Next up is the Habitat Challenge, which is focused on taking pictures of Pokemon "in their natural habitat." This second adventure runs from April 29 to May 8, and, once again, players will be sharing a selection of three images on Instagram and Twitter. The hashtags for the Habitat Challenge are #GOsnapshot and #HabitatChallenge.

Finally, the Go Create Challenge will act as the conclusion to the Pokemon GO Snapshot Challenge, and it is happening from May 13 to May 22. In this final adventure, players will need to get creative, as Niantic wants to see exactly "how innovative" they can be with GO Snapshot. The hashtags for Instagram and Twitter are #GOsnapshot and #GoCreateChallenge.

Regarding prizes, the runner-ups from each adventure will have their winning submissions featured at a PokeStop for at least three months. This will also be extended to grand-prize winners along with a prize that many are certain to be excited about: paid travel and tickets to a 2019 Pokemon GO Fest of the winner's choice. With prizes like these, interested trainers should definitely plan to pull out all the stops and push GO Snapshot to its limit.

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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