Pokemon GO doesn’t currently have a tracking tool, but multiple players are posting suggestions of how they think Niantic should introduce a new and improved tracking system.

After the removal of the tracking tool feature and a long lack of communication, the Pokemon GO player base has started to turn against the game and its developers. Niantic finally issued a statement to the game’s fans yesterday addressing both the tracking tool and the lack of previous communication, but the community is still feeling uneasy about the game’s future. Rather than wait for Niantic to implement new Pokemon GO features and improvements, some players have started mocking up suggestions of their own.

Now that sites like Pokevision have been shut down, it’s basically impossible to track Pokemon in the game. Players can roam around aimlessly until they luck into a spawn point, but that isn’t quite as exciting as chasing a Pokemon down and seeing the paw prints reduce from three to two to one like we were all able to during the game’s first two weeks. There’s no doubt that some kind of tracking tool needs to return to the game and some fans have a few ideas of how an improved system might look.

For players who weren’t around during the first few week’s of the game, the original tracking tool listed nine nearby Pokemon (similar to the current layout) and each creature had either zero, one, two, or three paw prints under its picture. As players got closer to the Pokemon, the number of paw prints decreased. The tracking tool had plenty of flaws, but it was better than nothing. While Niantic is back at the drawing board, many fans are hoping that the company comes back with more of a circular tracking system, so players don’t have to guess at which way they should be heading.


This above suggestion from Reddit user TheMightySeer calls for a similar near and far system, but incorporates direction, as well. The suggested system would allow players to see multiple nearby Pokemon at once and get an idea of which direction to start running. Because Pokemon spawns are timed, having an idea of which direction to start with would lead to a lot less frustration around missing a chance to catch rare Pokemon.

Another suggestion from Reddit user AdamE89 takes a similar approach, but reduces the number of circles to one. This system abandons the idea of offering a distance meter, but instead just focuses on sending players in the correct direction. This would lack some of the prior functionality, but if it would be less of a strain on the game, and it would definitely be better than the current system of wandering around randomly.


The Pokemon GO Reddit community has been very active and come up with great suggestions for improving the game. Many fans had been mocking up a better user experience for the transfer button and although the recent patch did make the process a bit easier, it’s still not as easy and clean as it would be if the company adopted some of the community suggestions. That said, most of the community’s feedback is from an aesthetic level and there are likely very logical infrastructure reasons that Niantic didn’t allow for mass transfers (though hopefully the company will at some point in the future).

Although the community has recently turned from friendly suggestions to angry rants against the game and its developer, there is still a chance for Niantic to right the ship. We’ll continue tracking the improvements and changes to the game, so check back for updates.

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