Like most always online games, Pokemon GO has been plagued with a series of bugs since its initial launch. With frequent updates arriving every few weeks, it’s not surprising that code gets a little out of place from time to time and causes some problems. Usually these bugs cause a minor inconvenience for players, but one of the more recent ones actually improves gameplay according to some players.

One of February’s Pokemon GO updates seems to have introduced a bug that allows players to skip the Pokeball shake animation that occurs after each successful throw. The ball shake animation is a trademark of the Pokemon franchise, but it definitely slows things down for PoGO players. Sometimes there are a ton of monsters clustered together and catching them all requires an annoying wait between each throw (unless the player is using a Go+ device).

Exploiting the bug sounds a little complicated at first, but is actually fairly straightforward. After practicing a few times on some trash Pokemon, any player should easily be able to pull it off. Here’s what to do…

First, pull the Pokeball switcher icon from right to left using the hand that you don’t usually throw with. The icon will stay, but the Pokeball drawer won’t open. Keep your finger in place and don’t move it.

Next, throw the Pokeball like usual with your throwing hand. At this point, don’t lift your finger off of the Pokeball drawer button until the Pokeball connects with the monster.

Now it’s safe to lift that finger and the Pokeball drawer should open. Dismiss it, by clicking somewhere else on the screen, and press the Escape button quickly.

That’s all there is to it. At this point, you should find yourself outside of the encounter. If the pokemon was successfully captured, it will say Error when you try to click on it again. It the throw was a miss, then clicking the monster will restart the encounter, unless it ran away.

This exploit is one that seems to have divided the community. Many trainers say that the time it takes to pull it off actually cancels out the time players save by skipping the animation, but players who have mastered the technique seem to swear by it. Either way, it’s worth giving it a shot while you still can. It’s been a few weeks without any patch to fix it, but it seems likely that the bug won’t last forever. Hopefully it’s still an option for next month’s rumored Charmander-themed Community Day.

Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit and YouTube