A brand new berry item, the Silver Pinap Berry, has just been added to Pokemon GO as part of the Celebi questline. This very useful item will be a huge help to trainers capturing Pokemon, and we’ll tell you how to acquire some.

There are now five types of berries available in Pokemon GO, the Razz, Pinap, Nanab, Golden Razz, and now the Silver Pinap. The Silver Pinap is essentially a combination of the Razz Berry and the Pinap Berry, giving players both of the berries’ benefits in one item. Silver Pinaps will double candy rewards and increase single throw capture chance by 1.8x (slightly higher than a normal Razz).

Players who want to start stocking up on these little beauties will need to participate in the currently running Celebi quests. Trainers are required to complete at least step 6, where they will be rewarded with five Silver Pinap Berries. Continuing on and completing step 7 will net players 10 more. Those who need help catching up can check out our Celebi quest guide for a breakdown of each step.

The final step, step 8, hasn’t been released quite yet, but there’s a good chance that even more Silver Pinaps will be rewarded.

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As a heads up, there are still a couple days left to participate in the Johto Festival currently taking place in Pokemon GO, so be sure to log in and grab some of those fantastic research encounter rewards before the event ends on the 28th. During this time, the game has increased the Gen 2 Pokemon spawn rate, along with the benefits of 3-hour lures and 3x bonus on catches.

There are also three new shiny Pokemon added as well. Players can currently attempt to find and catch shiny versions of Sunkern, Natu, and Pineco. Be sure to have some of those new Silver Pinaps on hand if you plan on venturing out in search of these elusive critters.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.