Pokemon GO is Adding More Shiny Pokemon This Summer

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Some of the most sought-after creatures in Pokemon GO are shiny Pokemon, which are extremely rare, palette-swapped variants of Pokemon that are already in the game. Since introducing shiny Magikarp to the game, Niantic has slowly been releasing more shiny Pokemon, with three more set to be added this summer.

Throughout the summer, Niantic will release shiny variants of Roselia, Plusle, and Minun in Pokemon GO. The release of these shiny Pokemon will coincide with special live events that Niantic is hosting this summer, with shiny Roselia appearing when the Safari Zone event goes live in Dortmund, Germany on June 30, and shiny Plusle and shiny Minun making their debut when Pokemon GO Fest kicks off on July 14.

Not only are these shiny Pokemon being added alongside these Pokemon GO live events, but their spawn rates will be increased as well. This means players may have their best shot at catching these shiny Pokemon during these events, so anyone interested should plan on doing some Pokemon catching those days.


These events will be marked by some other activities, too. For example, if players manage to complete enough Field Research tasks during Pokemon GO Fest, they can unlock some region-specific bonus rewards as part of Professor Willow's Global Challenge. If all regions complete their assigned tasks by the time Pokemon GO Fest wraps, fans of the game will also unlock a special bonus reward that will be available beginning July 21.

While we know the rewards for the Dortmund Safari Zone and Pokemon GO Fest, what's still unclear is what fans can unlock during the late summer Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan. Since we don't know what Niantic has in store for that particular event, it's possible that it will also see the release of new shiny Pokemon as well.

Besides the shiny Pokemon that will be added to the game as part of these live events, even more shiny Pokemon are expected to make their debut this summer. This includes whichever Pokemon are the subject of upcoming Community Day events, with the latest Community Day adding shiny Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar to the game.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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