As part of the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama, Japan, Pokemon GO developer Niantic introduced a shiny Pikachu to the game. However, the creature was only available to those who showed up to the real-world Japanese event with players across the globe forced to question whether they would ever get their chance to catch the rare variation of the character.

It seems that fans no longer have to ask that question as Niantic has now released shiny Pikachu worldwide. Pokemon GO players in mainland Europe, North America, and Australia have managed to catch a shiny Pikachu for themselves. There’s currently no word on whether shiny Raichu, which was also released as part of the Japanese event, is available worldwide as people probably haven’t had a chance to evolve their shiny Pikachu yet. Shiny Pichu is only available from hatched eggs and so could be available globally too.

The arrival of shiny Pikachu is delightful and gives players another way to enthuse about the character (without the Pikachu Snapchat filter, that is.) But some are questioning whether the shiny Pikachu is only available as part of a limited time event. Other Pikachu variations, such as the Ash Hat Pikachu and Santa Hat Pikachu were only available for a short amount of time. It’s possible that a similar situation is going on here, although Niantic has yet to confirm.

Even if shiny Pikachu is time-limited, Pokemon GO is still going to see the benefits of the character’s release. When shiny Magikarp was released, players flocked to the streets in their thousands to try and catch the variation of the famous, splashing character. Over half a billion Magikarp were caught, in fact, as players tried to get the game’s very first shiny.

Pikachu is even more famous than the splashing Water-type creature and it stands to reason that players will spend hours upon hours within the game trying to get a differently-colored version. It’s also likely that players will spend a stupendous amount of money in the game too, as they flash the cash on coins and purchase lure modules, Pokeballs, and even egg incubators for all of those possible shiny Pichu hatches. Pokemon GO has already made over a billion dollars since its release and it’s thanks to high profile releases like this one, but fingers crossed that Niantic keeps shiny Pikachu around long enough for everyone to catch it.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.