Pokemon GO Reveals New Shiny Pokemon

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Niantic has announced that a new shiny Pokemon is coming to Pokemon GO. This time, it's a first-generation Grass Type Pokemon, Oddish, that will start appearing in its shiny form.

Pokemon GO has been on a roll lately, announcing all sorts of new content and events. Niantic recently hinted at Rotom in Pokemon GO, new events, and much more. It's clear that the company is making sure they keep players entertained as Fall and Winter make it less desirable to go out and catch Pokemon.

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Right now, Pokemon GO players will have the chance of finding a shiny Oddish while out and about. The shiny Oddish has a green body, as opposed to its normal dark blue, so it's especially easy to pick out whether it's a shiny Oddish or a normal one. However, it's important to remember that shiny Pokemon will not appear as shiny on the map itself, so those looking to catch a shiny Oddish will need to check every Oddish they come across to see if it's normal or shiny.

Oddish is the latest Pokemon to receive a shiny version in this mobile title, with the shiny Yamna in Pokemon GO being released just a couple of weeks ago. While Niantic doesn't mention if it tweaked spawn rates to make Oddishs appear more often in the wild, generally players will see more of the featured Pokemon in the area for a while. At least, players will have a couple of weeks until the Pokemon GO October Community Day fills the game with Trapinches.

Between Raid Battles, new Team Rocket fights, and the addition of more Pokemon Black and White monsters, Pokemon GO is determined to keep players entertained in the months to come. This is a big shift since the game's initial release, which was sparse on things to do and riddled with errors and bugs. Mechanics like daily rewards and Research Breakthroughs keep players invested even when events aren't happening, and the Adventure Sync makes it far easier to hatch eggs than it used to be.

Niantic's title has even gotten to the point that the latest Pokemon anime references Pokemon GO. It's clear that Niantic has a real hit on their hands, even if droves of players in parks and city centers aren't as common nowadays.

Pokemon GO is available for free on Android and iOS.

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