With Pokemon GO’s new field research feature¬†poised to launch tomorrow, excitement is once again in the air for the popular pocket monster-hunting AR game. Much has already been officially revealed by Niantic, but intrepid fans have dug up even more info through datamining the preparatory update that dropped earlier this week.

One of the first batches of information unearthed by the dataminers included many details about how field research will work and what fans can expect to receive for their efforts. The most valuable of these possible rewards is probably the chance for a rare Pokemon encounter, and while many fans might already have a shortlist of the rare Pokemon they’d like to encounter, the info captured by some fans’ most recent datamine of the game might just be enough to shorten those lists even further.


The image above, posted onto a Pokemon GO subreddit known as “TheSilphRoad” by a user called “Chrales,” is unmistakably a shiny version of the original mythical Pokemon, Mew. Catching a Pokemon like this would be a dream come true for any Pokemon fan, not just those who enjoy Pokemon GO. However, even if this image is, in fact, genuine and shiny Mew can be found in the game’s files, the question remains as to whether or not Niantic will make this rarest of rare Pocket Monsters available to catch.

The game’s page on the Apple App Store recently gained an image depicting Mew in Pokemon GO. With the developer themselves now releasing images of the elusive psychic-type Pokemon, it’s pretty safe to say that players will have a chance to encounter it. Its shiny version is another story though. Mew’s possible presence in the game files is encouraging, but there are also shiny versions of every other legendary Pokemon in the game too, and the only one confirmed to appear so far is shiny Lugia. As a TheSilphRoad member by the name of “Rand0mPixels” said, “this confirms nothing until someone catches a shiny Mew.”

Even if shiny Mew isn’t available right away, Pokemon GO players have plenty to look forward to in the coming days. Field research quests will go a long way towards making the game feel fresh again, and the prospect of encountering normal Mew should be enough to get fans out there with PokeBalls in hand.

Pokemon GO is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit