Report: Shiny Magikarp Are Being Captured in Pokemon GO

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It was confirmed today that Pokemon GO would be receiving a new event know as the Water Festival, where Water-type monsters would appear much more frequently. Amongst those creatures are none other than Magikarp and Gyarados, which have a heightened chance of appearing during the ongoing event. Apparently there was something else that developer Niantic left out of the update, however, as shiny Magikarp have now been spotted roaming about the world by intrepid players.

The moderator known as dronpes from the popular Pokemon GO sub-reddit, Silph Road, has confirmed the legitimacy these sightings and captures. Although, it appears that the odds of running into a golden Magikarp are rather low, despite the ongoing event increasing the odds of water-bound monsters spawning. For those fortunate enough to capture an albino-inspired variant (and gather up 400 Magikarp candies), shiny Gyarados is now a very real possibility for fans willing to put in the effort to add it to their respective parties.

On top of these reports, a player going by the name of Fabien Parent has uploaded footage of a captured shiny Magikarp to YouTube, which can be seen below:

So far, these are the only alternatively colored beasts spawning in Pokemon GO, but those that played Pokemon Gold and Silver are surely pleased by how fitting it is to have Gyrados and Magikarp lined up as the premiere shinies. Red Gyarados in particular was the one shiny variant that gamers were guaranteed to encounter during the campaign in those particular games, and to see its evolutionary line rearing its head before any others is a very appropriate nod to to the franchise's roots.

Gamers have expected to see shiny Pokemon popping up eventually, as a datemine revealed that shinies were on their way to Pokemon GO not all that long ago. The only thing that wasn't clear was just when Niantic would be making them obtainable to players, although fans still don't know when the other creatures will follow suit. Having said that, the possibility of capturing a shiny Charizard likely isn't all that far behind.

Pokemon GO is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

Sources: reddit - Silph Road, YouTube - Fabien Parent

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