Pokemon GO: Watch a Shiny Magikarp Evolve into Shiny Gyarados

pokemon go shiny gyarados evolve

The Water Festival in Pokemon GO has come and gone, and while gamers are now faced with lesser odds of encountering highly sought after Water-types like Lapras, the event did leave players with another creature to seek out – a shiny Magikarp. This illusive variant of the beast is one of the more challenging creatures in the game to locate, but anyone that can secure it can then evolve the largely useless Poke into a powerful red Gyarados.

What makes obtaining a shiny Gyarados so challenging extends beyond the fact that a shiny Magikarp is simply tough to find, as the number of candies required to make the creature evolve into its final form in Pokemon GO clocks in at a whopping 400. Although many fans will likely never have the opportunity to add the golden carp to their roster, a video has arrived showcasing the evolution of a shiny Magikarp into the fabled red Gyarados.

Those hoping to live out their fantasy of owning such a Pokemon can check out the video below.

As many aspiring Pokemon Masters will likely attest, it's a relief to know that shiny Magikarp will continue to spawn following the wrap up of the most recent event. Given how other shinies have yet to be added to Pokemon GO, giving players the opportunity to focus their efforts on Magikarp makes for a nice nod to the series' roots. This is in reference to the story-based encounter with a red Gyarados in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, which is a standout moment in the core franchise.

Those that have yet to give up on the golden dream can find solace in Game Rant's tips for catching a shiny Magikarp, although the odds are unfavourably stacked against fans. Still, those gung-ho about the creature may find that shiny Gyarados right around the corner – albeit eight blocks East and down a sketchy backroad.

Pokemon GO is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo (via GoNintendo)

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