Pokemon GO: Is Shiny Magikarp Chaining Possible?


It's not much of a secret at this point that shiny Magikarp could very well be the most sought-after and rare creature in Niantic's augmented reality mobile title, Pokemon GO, and according to recent discoveries by one of the game's fans, chaining the pocket monster in question may be a real phenomenon. Should the findings be true, it would mean that there is a way to for players to increase their chances of finding, encountering, and catching, a shiny Magikarp.

As it happens, the Reddit user and Pokemon GO player known as the_rabble_alliance managed to use the shiny chaining method found within the main Pokemon games, and chained only Magikarp, as the player "Live[s] and work[s] in a water biome," making the creature more readily available. Interestingly enough, out of 111 total Magikarp caught and encountered by the player, 4 were shiny.


That said, it's quite possible that the_rabble_alliance's successful use of chaining in Pokemon GO could just be a coincidence, as another Redditor from Miami, Florida chiming in to say that they too live in a water biome, and stated that Magikarp was basically the only creature they went after during the Water Festival Event, with them catching "a total of 500 karp during the event" while using the chaining method. The Miami player went on to state that they encountered a "total of 700" Magikarp and still haven't managed to catch a shiny version of the creature.

All things considered, it's obvious that the more Magikarp a Pokemon GO player catches, the better chance they have at getting a shiny version of it. However, it seems like the belief that chaining has anything to do with the_rabble_alliance's success in the field doesn't hold much water, at least until there's verified success from another player using the method.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android.

Source: Reddit

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