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Although some Pokemon GO fans have been reporting that the latest update broke the game, as they experience inconsistent connections, problems with Gym battles, and issues with logging in, it hasn't stopped most of the mobile title's myriad fans from venturing out into the wide, wild world in search of shiny Pokemon in the Niantic release. Whether it's a shiny Magikarp or a shiny Gyarados, players around the globe have been positively stoked at the prospect of capturing a new variant of the pre-existing creatures, generating hope for even more shiny Pokemon to be added.

Of course, since shiny Pokemon are a relatively new addition to the game, it's safe to say that plenty of players still have loads of questions regarding their existence in the title. With that being the case, fans can follow along with the information below to get the most complete run down possible on shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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What's a Shiny Pokemon?

A shiny Pokemon is basically just like a regular Pokemon, but is displayed in the game with different set of colors than the normal hues that are depicted the creature. Shiny Pokemon are a rarity in Pokemon GO, but don't have any other special properties beyond the variation in color that they display, as they have all the same attributes and actions of a regular Pokemon.

As of March 22, 2017 Magikarp and Gyarados are the only two shiny Pokemon that have been discovered in Pokemon GO. No other shiny creatures have been found yet, but that doesn't necessarily mean Niantic isn't working on adding even more to the game.

What Are the Chances of Finding a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

At this point in time, nobody really knows for sure what the chances are when it comes to players crossing the paths of the shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In the original games the odds were once 1:8192, but this was later changed to 1:4096. That said, though, the odds of discovering them in Pokemon GO may be much different.

It's also worth mentioning that in the main series of games, like in Pokemon Sun and Moon, fans who use the the Masuda method of breeding increase the likelihood of hatching a shiny Pokemon from an egg to 1:1365. The Masuda method equates to breeding two Pokemon created in games of different languages. This method is not currently possible in Pokemon GO, but it could allude to the possibility of shiny Pokemon being more likely to hatch from eggs.

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How Can One Find a Shiny Pokemon?

In order for players to determine whether or not they've come across a shiny Pokemon, it's important to take into account the colors of the creature. For instance, Magikarp will appear gold when encountered, while Gyarados will appear red. However, oddly enough, the shiny Pokemon will still appear to be a plain Pokemon in the Nearby list and on the world map as well.

The only time a Pokemon will appear as a shiny will be once players have tapped on it to be captured. The Pokemon's color will appear changed during the capture sequence and it will also emit fun little sparkles to show that it's slightly different than its standard iteration. It's also worth noting that players can catch more than one shiny of a given Pokemon.

Can Shiny Pokemon Be Caught Without the Latest Update?

As it happens, shiny Pokemon can actually be caught without requiring players to apply the latest update that altered the evolution item rate and introduced the limited time Water Festival event. Interestingly enough, shiny Pokemon were added into Pokemon GO on the server-side so an update is not required to capture the shiny creatures.

Players without the update will still see the shining and sparkling stars when they encounter a shiny Pokemon in order to indicate that it is a shiny. However, it's important to mention that a shiny Pokemon may still be in its original color until fans restart the game and re-load it for another go.


Can Shiny Pokemon Be Caught with GO Plus?

Aside from the standard method of capturing a shiny Pokemon in the game by only relying on one's smartphone, players can also catch them by using the wristband accessory known as the GO Plus. For those unaware, the GO Plus is a small device that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth low energy and sends notifications about events in the game—such as the appearance of a nearby Pokemon—using an LED and vibration.

As it happens, there have been reports of fans not only capturing shiny Pokemon while using the GO Plus device, but also they have done so without having the latest update for the title installed. Thankfully, GO Plus owners won't be left out of shiny Pokemon discoveries.

Can a Player's Friend Capture a Shiny Pokemon Too?

Unfortunately, since shiny Pokemon are individual, it's pure luck and chance for players to find them, which rules out spoofing altogether. Theoretically, though, it could be possible for more than one person to catch a shiny from the same spawn if it were randomly generated at the time of the discovery.

If there was a 1:4096 chance of getting a shiny Pokemon for one player, then the next fan ought to encounter the same odds. However, if it were achievable, then the odds of two consecutive people getting a shiny would be astronomical.

Does the Pokedex Indicate a Caught Shiny Pokemon?

Once a shiny Pokemon is caught, players ought to see new icons on display indicating the Pokemon's shiny status in the Pokedex. The icons will indicate such information as the Pokemon's gender–or lack thereof–and whether or not it's shiny with a golden circle with sparkles drawn on the inside of it. Plus, a shiny Pokemon should correctly show up as such in player's journals.

Players can get a gander at what the icons look like in the image below with Dratini as an example. However, it's important to state that Dratini has yet to be found as a shiny Pokemon within the game.


Will Shiny Pokemon That Run Away Show Up as Shiny Again?

Bizarrely enough, some players decided to let a shiny Pokemon elude them just to find out whether or not they will show up again as a shiny Pokemon instead of its regular version, and in fact, they do. However, re-encountering a non-shiny Pokemon won't ever change the creature into a shiny Pokemon.

Additionally, players who tap on a Pokemon and then run away will increase their "seen" Pokemon the Pokedex by 1. However, if they do it again the "seen" won't increase. Plus, those who use a berry on a shiny Pokemon and then run away will find that the berry is still there upon the next encounter, which implies that Pokemon GO remembers the encounters even upon running away.

Can Players Get a Shiny Pokemon By Using Incense?

Without a doubt, one of the valuable tools in any Pokemon GO Trainer's arsenal is the lure known as incense, which coaxes wild Pokemon to players' location for the period of 30 minutes. Thankfully, it seems as if the item can also be used on shiny Pokemon as well.

While players have reportedly caught a shiny Magikarp using incense, it has been difficult to officially confirm the matter. To be specific, since the shiny Pokemon will appear as its standard iteration while in the incense circle, it's hard to verify the incense lure's efficacy when wheedling any nearby Pokemon to come out of hiding.

Can Shiny Pokemon Be Hatched from Eggs?

As of now, it appears as if only Magikarps have been introduced to the game as shiny Pokemon that can be captured, and it seems like they can no longer be hatched from eggs, so the likelihood of hatching a shiny Pokemon from eggs is low. However, when Niantic adds more creatures in the future, it's quite possible for this scenario to be totally different.

Furthermore, while there have been some reports of players managing to hatch a Magikarp from an egg, it was more than likely done so through the use of a very old egg. Nevertheless, there has still been no confirmation of a shiny Pokemon being hatched from an egg.

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Can a Shiny Magikarp Evolve into a Shiny Gyarados?

Once Trainers capture a shiny Pokemon, its evolved version will retain it's shiny factor. The same can be said for a shiny Magikarp evolving into a shiny Gyarados.

The logic is that since a shiny Pokemon retains its gender upon evolution, it will retain its shininess as well. Also, there have been multiple reports of a shiny Magikarp evolving into a shiny Gyarados.

Are Shiny Pokemon Visible in Gyms?

Those who have captured shiny Pokemon can indeed put them on display in Gym gameplay. As a matter of fact, there have been numerous accounts of Gym leaders showing off their shiny Magikarp as of late.

However, it should be mentioned that if a player sees a shiny Pokemon in a Gym, their Pokedex will not be updated to show it as "seen." The only way for that to happen is if players have encountered them in the wild and caught one for themselves.

Can a Magikarp Turn into a Ditto?

While it is possible for a shiny Magikarp to turn into a Ditto, the Ditto won't retain the Magikarp's shininess. The reason being is due to the fact that shiny Dittos haven't actually been incorporated into Pokemon GO as of yet.

Additionally, should a player use their Ditto to fight a shiny Pokemon, the Ditto will not transform into a shiny but just the regular form of the Pokemon. Again, this is because Niantic has yet to add shiny Dittos to the game.

Do Shiny Pokemon Have Top IVs?

As mentioned previously, shiny Pokemon such as Magikarp have regular individual values as the standard iterations of the creatures in Pokemon GO. Other than their shiny attribute and differently colored skins, shiny Pokemon have no other unique qualities.

Nevertheless, that shouldn't deter players from looking for shiny Magikarp due to their rarity. As it happens, there have been reports of players catching 100% IV shiny Magikarp.

Can Shiny Pokemon Be Transferred?

Should players attempt to transfer a shiny Pokemon like Magikarp or delete it, they will be asked if it is actually what one intends to do. In fact, a second prompt will appear on the screen asking, "Do you really want to transfer this shiny Pokemon?"

Bulk transfers, though, are completely different issue. Pokemon GO will not let players select a shiny Pokemon during a multi-transfer.

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Taking all of this into consideration, it's obvious that Pokemon GO fans are truly passionate about getting bragging rights when it comes to catching a shiny Pokemon. Undoubtedly, absentee players have returned in droves since the last update in order to add the rare creatures to their collection.

Of course, Niantic is far from finished with Pokemon GO's updates, as it will likely incorporate even more shiny Pokemon in the near to distant future thanks to fans' positive reception to the shiny pocket monsters. With any luck, though, players will also be privy to finding Legendary Monsters sooner rather than later.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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