The latest datamine of Pokemon GO reveals shiny Pokemon have been added to the game, along with options for costumes, gender, and trainer customization.

Whenever there is a new update right around the corner, it seems the Pokémon GO developers can’t keep much secret for too long. Starbucks already outed a partnership well before developer Niantic was ready to reveal it, and now a datamine has spilled the beans on some potential additions coming to the game.

Although datamining is not a reliable source of information, it has been helpful when it comes to Pokémon GO. For example, gamers wouldn’t have known that Ditto was in the game if it weren’t for datamining.

Now, however, the datamine info is more substantial and hints towards the future of Pokémon GO, which gamers know will soon include some Gen 2 Pokémon. In fact, we now know it will include Gen 2 Pokémon because the datamine reveals sound files for Pokémon numbered 1-251. Granted, Pokémon GO never officially released all 151 of the Gen 1 Pokémon into the wild, but it is believed that some of those, like the legendary birds for example, are being saved for special events.

In addition to the Gen 2 sound files, the Pokémon GO datamine has also found evidence of Shiny Pokémon added to the game. Shinies, for those who may not be familiar, are rare versions of basic Pokémon, and they typically have a different color scheme or look. Shiny Pokémon are also usually stronger than the average variant of a Pokémon, which makes them perfect for breeding or battling.

Speaking of breeding, it appears genders may soon be added to Pokémon GO with a future update as well. The datamine found icons that delineate gender in the new files for the game, prompting speculation that breeding could be coming in the future.


Other items revealed by the datamine include new customization items for trainers and costumes for Pokémon, both of which appear to be microtransaction-based additions. On the trainer side, it’s very possible that some of the customization options will be free, but there is definitely a section marked Purchasable. Luckily, there are ways to earn Pokecoins in game and without paying a single dollar.

As far as Pokémon costumes are concerned, it seems likely that the addition will be themed around the holiday. According to the datamine, some of the costumes will even have collision physics, meaning they will appear in battles and on-screen prompts. Perhaps some wild Pokémon will even be wearing costumes to get in on the holiday spirit.

It’s important to mention that not everything that comes from a datamine ends up in the finished game, so Pokémon GO players should treat everything as a potential addition not a guaranteed one. Very soon, though, fans will find out what the future holds for Pokémon GO, when the next major update releases on December 12th.