Pokemon GO Adds Shiny Charizard Family


Pokemon GO's May Community Day is quickly approaching this weekend, with Niantic having already confirmed the event to be themed around Charmander and with it also including a Stardust bonus. Now, ahead of the forthcoming event, the game developer has decided to add Shiny versions of the aforementioned Fire-type, as well as its evolutionary family of both Charmeleon and Charizard to the popular mobile augmented reality title's servers.

This much was discovered by the prolific Redditor and Pokemon GO fan named "Chrales", with the Silph Road subreddit community member having shared the photos found below for fellow PoGO enthusiasts to peruse. The color changes for the Shiny variants of Charmander and Charmeleon don't appear to be too drastic, as both change from their orange hues to a more golden-tinted shade, while Charizard goes full charcoal black with crimson under its wings.


Not only will Pokemon GO's forthcoming Community Day this Saturday include increased spawn rates for Charmanders and the potential discovery of the aformentioned Shinies, but also would-be Trainers can have their Charizard learn the move Blast Burn should they choose to evolve it during the event. Compared to offerings of previous Community Days, Blast Burn won't be seen as viable as Venusaur’s Frenzy Plant, but it does provide a decent alternative to Overheat and Fire Blast.

All things considered, the addition of the Shiny Charizard family of creatures to Pokemon GO are simply the latest in Niantic's decision to update the ARG with a slew of Shinies this year, as 2018 has seen a fair share of Shiny Pocket Monsters make the cut. Those interested can check out this list of every Shiny officially made available thus far to Pokemon GO. Hopefully, the developer will continue this trend well into the future in order to keep fans content.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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