Pokemon GO: Is Shellos Regional?

pokemon go is shellos regional

Hot off the heels of the Detective Pikachu event, Pokemon GO just released a new update that added some brand new Gen 4 Pokemon to the game. This includes Shellos, the water-type Pokemon that comes in a blue (West) and pink (East) variant. Since there are two versions of Shellos, many speculated that the two versions would be region-exclusives. And now that Shellos is in Pokemon GO proper, we have our answer.

It does not appear that the different versions of Shellos are region-exclusives. Anecdotal evidence on social media indicates that both the blue and pink versions of Shellos are appearing all over the world, so Pokemon GO players who want to fully complete their collection shouldn't have to do any major traveling to catch them.

It also seems as though Shellos is a fairly common Pokemon in Pokemon GO at the time of this writing. However, it's likely that Niantic will tone down the Shellos spawn rate in the future, so those interested should be sure to get out and catch both versions of Shellos while it's easy to do so.

If Pokemon GO players catch enough Shellos, they will be able to evolve it to Gastrodon. It takes 50 Shellos candy to evolve Shellos to Gastrodon, so Pokemon GO players will need to collect at least 100 Shellos candy if they want both versions of Gastrodon as well.

We should also note that it's unclear if Niantic meant to make Shellos a regional-exclusive and botched it. The company did accidentally release Shellos to the game prematurely a few days ago, so it's possible that the different versions of Shellos will become region-exclusives in the future. Considering this, we encourage Pokemon GO players to be vigilant about catching them.

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO players have a great reason to get out and start catching as many Shellos as they can. That's because it's almost Torchic Community Day, and while Torchic spawns will be greatly increased from 3pm local time to 6pm, Pokemon GO players should also be able to find some Shellos.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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