The Pokemon GO servers are down again, this time allegedly due to the efforts of hacker group PoodleCorp who used a DDoS attack to keep fans from their Pokemon adventure.

If you’re one of Pokemon GO‘s millions of active users, you’ll likely have noticed that the game’s servers have been under more pressure than usual lately, something that is courtesy of a recent DDoS attack.

Due to Pokemon GO‘s incredible popularity, the game’s servers have been in a constant state of instability, ever since the game’s initial release. However, this isn’t the reason that the AR title is struggling to connect today, as reports of a DDoS attack emerge online.

The attack has been claimed as the work of hacker group PoodleCorp who announced their efforts on Twitter. The group has previously been responsible for other attacks such as the recent issues with YouTubers h3h3productions and LeafyIsHere.

Judging by a comment from one of PoodleCorp’s members @xotehpoodle, this isn’t the last attack planned by the organization, as the account tweeted that this DDoS was just a little test. The group also claim that they will be doing something “on a larger scale” soon.

The sudden cut to the servers is a major issue to fans, especially those who have used limited resources such as Lures or Lucky Eggs before the crash. At the time of writing, the Pokemon GO servers still appear to be down throughout much of the world. Anyone who tries to use the app in an area where the servers aren’t functioning will simply recieve a message informing players that Niantic is working to resolve the issues and asking that they please try again soon.

It’s unclear why anyone would have a problem with Pokemon GO, an app that seems to be a force for good in the community. Lately, a Indiana-based animal shelter is taking advantage of the app’s popularity in order to get their dogs extra walks alongside Poke-fans.

pokemon go girl hit by car

Not everyone is happy with the free-to-play app’s success, however, something that is made clear in one mother’s blaming of Pokemon GO for causing her teenage daughter to be hit by a car. This arguably isn’t the worst of the issues caused by the app either, as a group of armed robbers recently used the Pokemon-themed game to lure in unsuspecting victims.

All we can do for now is wait until the game comes back online, something that might be able to be avoided in future, should the developers take Amazon up on their offer of assistance. In the mean time, let’s just marvel at the fact that, for once, servers being down is actually a reason for gamers not to go outside.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS in select regions.