Pokemon GO September Community Day Announced

pokemon go september community day

Niantic is ready to announce its plans for Pokemon GO's September Community Day. Pokemon GO trainers can mark down September 15 as the next Community Day, a shift back to mid-month after an early August Community Day and a late July Community Day. August's Community Day also marks a return to the 11:00 am to 2:00 pm time slot, which had been changed due to the early summer heat. Most importantly, August's Community Day Pokemon will be Turtwig.

Turtwig marks a major step forward for Pokemon GO's Community Days. It will be the first starter Pokemon from the fourth Pokemon generation to be featured in a Community Day. After closing out the previous generation's starter Pokemon with Mudkip in July and then featuring fan-favorite Ralts in August, Niantic's decided it's ready to move on. Turtwig will be Pokemon GO's showcase Community Day Pokemon, with Chimchar and Piplup just a matter of months away.

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As with all Pokemon GO Community Days, some power-ups will be in effect for the duration of the event. Lure Modules will last for 3 hours, no matter whether they're started at the start of the event or the end. And trainers will earn 3x the Stardust as normal when capturing a Pokemon.

Players will need to take advantage of those Community Day power-ups to make the most of the final detail of August's event. As is now routine, the evolved final form of Turtwigs caught during the event will have a special move. Exactly what move the tortoise Pokemon Torterra will have isn't yet announced. But for Pokemon trainers looking to collect them all, it'll be a required pick-up no matter the ability.

pokmeon go turtwig

Today brings a couple of other news stories for Pokemon GO beyond the announcement of next month's Community Day. First, there's a patch that will be rolled out on Android later today, then come to iOS at a later date. Patch 0.151.0 adds a new Egg Hatch animation, fits in suggested teams for Team GO Rocket battles, and other unknown fixes. The other announcement today is for a real-life event in Montreal, Canada. A Safari Zone special event will be held from September 20 through September 22 in the city.

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Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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