Pokemon GO September Community Day Move Revealed

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The Pokemon GO September Community Day will be starting soon, on September 15, and Niantic has revealed the special move for Turtwigs that are caught and evolved into Torterra during the event.

Pokemon GO Community Days happen monthly and allow trainers to catch a higher amount of a certain hard to get Pokemon during the three-hour period. This month features Turtwig, the Grass starter Pokemon from the fourth generation of Pokemon titles.

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Players that can evolve their Turtwigs to Torterra during the September Community Day event will get the exclusive move Frenzy Plant. Frenzy Plant is an exclusive move available only to the Grass starters in Pokemon GO, so this move may not come as a surprise to long-time GO players. With the evolution of Turtwig to Grotle taking 25 candies and the evolution to Torterra taking 100, players will have to catch a lot of Turtwigs (or have a Grotle ready) to evolve it in the three hours of the Community Day.

The September Community Day will begin September 15 at 11:00 AM local time and run until 2:00 PM. Other bonuses will be offered during the Community Day, such as Lures that last three hours long and three times the Stardust awarded. Community Days also often have increased chances at a Shiny version of the featured Pokemon, so it's important to check every Turtwig to see if it's a rare Shiny version.

As far as Community Days go, September's is pretty standard. Starter Pokemon can be difficult to find in Pokemon GO under normal circumstances, so the three-hour boost in seeing the Pokemon and being able to add a powerful Torterra to the party is a good incentive for players to get out and congregate in parks and other areas. Since Raids also require a team of players to take down, Community Days are also a good chance to find other players to team up with to defeat higher difficulty battles.

Niantic has already revealed the dates for Community Days for the rest of the year, including the weekend-long December event. While it's unknown what Pokemon and moves will be featured, knowing the dates allows players to plan and get ready to catch a bunch of Pokemon when the day comes around.

Pokemon GO is free to download now on Android and iOS.

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