The latest Pokemon GO update teases huge changes to Gyms and Raids. However this is not the only thing that the patch offers as the new Pokemon GO search feature is also proving to be a hit with fans.

The new search function offers Pokemon GO players a variety of ways to search through their Pokemon collections. For example players can search by name as typing in a nickname (e.g MyTyranitar) will come up with a Pokemon called MyTyranitar and typing in Tyranitar will show all Pokemon that are Tyranitar. Players can also search by Pokemon type, searching for one type (e.g water) or multiples types (water, fire, grass) at a time.

Other search examples include:

  • Search by species: searching for +bulbasaur offers Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venasaur
  • Search by Pokedex number: type a single Pokedex number (e.g 248 for Tyranitar) or 200-248 for all Pokemon listed with those Pokedex numbers.
  • Search by CP/HP: find all Pokemon within a certain HP or CP range by typing things like cp2000-3000 or hp200-300 into the search bar.
  • Search by evolution: Pokemon that can be evolved can be found by using the search term ‘evolve’

Pokemon GO Fire and Ice event

It’s important to note that all of the search terms are localized, meaning that if the Pokemon GO app is set to Spanish, players will have to search for the Spanish language equivalent. Evolve is ‘evolucionar’ in Spanish, for example, while dark Pokemon can be found by typing ‘siniestro.’

Although the Pokemon GO search feature may seem to be quite small on paper, many fans already say that it is a God send. The Gen 2 Pokemon GO update that arrived earlier this year introduced far more Pokemon to the game. While many welcomed that at the time, it can be tricky to keep track of all of those new characters and fans will be glad that they can now sort through them more easily.

The search feature also comes ahead of the rumored Pokemon GO legendary event. Pokemon GO developer Niantic continues to tease that legendary Pokemon will be introduced to the popular mobile game soon and this search function could make a huge difference. Nobody wants to sort through endless lists of common characters to find their legendaries and this will help with that. For those lucky enough to bag themselves multiple legendaries this will also let players pick the best one for the job.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: PokemonGOHub