Pokemon GO: How to Catch Raichu Wearing A Santa Hat


The holiday update for Pokemon GO is well underway, allowing fans to go out and capture a festive Pikachu. But there's a way to secure a Santa hat-wearing Raichu as well.

The holiday season marks a number of different things to people around the world, but to gamers playing Pokemon GO it has taken on a completely different meaning – thanks to the game's recent update that is. Aside from the slow-drip debut of second generation Pokemon within the title, one of the main incentives for gamers to get out and start playing again was the release of a limited edition Pikachu donning the hat of Saint Nicholas.

Originally thought to be the only festive addition to the mobile game, Game Informer recently went through the hassle of researching whether or not the electric rodent's oft-forgotten evolved form, Raichu, could also wear a Santa Claus hat in Pokemon GO. Fortunately for fans that have already secured the yuletide rendition of Pikachu, gamers can actually put in some additional effort to lock down a Christmasy version of the Pokemon's final evolution. Still, it'll take some effort for those looking to capture the beast before the event wraps up later this month.

Fans can go about earning the Pocket Monster by obtaining enough candies to trigger an evolution for the hat-wearing Pikachu, and those familiar with the parameters of making the creature evolve will know that Pikachu requires 50 of them to transform into Raichu. These digital bonbons can be found by either capturing or buddying up with a pre-obtained Pikachu, but both options require a significant amount.

Other reports indicate that the highly-sought after rodent can be found roaming the streets as well, but encountering it in the wild is sure to be a much more sporadic (not to mention challenging) endeavor.


Keeping all of this in mind, players will have to act quickly if they want to nab themselves either Pikachu or Raichu wearing Santa hats, as the Holiday event will be coming to an end on December 29, 2016. At this point it sounds as if both festive versions of these creatures will be squirrelled away in Niantic's version of the Disney Vault (presumably until this time next year), so getting out and capturing them sooner rather than later is the best way wannabe Pokemon Masters can insure that their team is provided with a Christmas Raichu.

Given that Pokemon GO managed to see a significant boost in traffic through the Halloween update, it's safe to say that this Holiday initiative will likely do the same. However, it would be recommended for those residing in colder areas to dress appropriately for the weather before setting out to catch 'em all.

Pokemon GO is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

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