Pokemon GO Makes $2 Million Every Day


Analysis firm Newzoo offers updated revenue and download figures for Pokemon GO, stating that the game makes $2 million for developer Niantic on a daily basis.

It's clear that the massive popularity of Pokemon GO has waned in recent weeks. However, even though the game is not as popular as it once was, it is still making bank for developer Niantic. In fact, recent reports from the analytical firm Newzoo state that even though Pokemon GO isn't quite as popular as it was this past summer, the game generates $2 million a day from its microtransactions.

If Pokemon GO continues to make $2 million a day in the month of October, that equates to $62 million for the month. This is a steep fall from the $200 million in one month that the game made at the height of its popularity, but it's still an impressive number. Speaking of steep falls, Newzoo also reported that 700,000 new users are downloading the game every day, whereas over 27 million were downloading it daily a few months ago.

In its analysis, Newzoo also offered an updated figure of how many people in total have downloaded Pokemon GO since launch. The 500 million downloads figure provided by Niantic last month now stands at over 550 million. So Pokemon GO is well on its way to crossing 1 billion downloads, but it looks like it will take longer than expected to reach that figure.

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Pokemon GO's popularity may be on a downswing, but that doesn't mean it can't bounce back. In fact, Niantic has plenty of opportunity to boost its profits from the game. For example, Pokemon GO is still being rolled out to various countries across the globe, with huge gaming markets like China and South Korea having yet to get in on the action. Once Niantic makes Pokemon GO available in more regions, it's probable that the game will start generating more cash for the company.

Another way Niantic can increase Pokemon GO's revenue is by implementing new features and content to bring back lapsed players. At last count, Pokemon GO lost 15 million daily users, but Niantic could bring them back by adding Pokemon trading to the game or player-versus-player battling. If those new features fail to convince former Pokemon trainers to start trying to catch 'em all again, perhaps the addition of new Pokemon will do the trick.

Regardless of how much money Pokemon GO is making right now, there are numerous ways Niantic could restore the game to its former glory. With winter fast approaching, Niantic may wait until next year to start rolling out new features for the game, but when it does, it's fair to say that there will be a spike of Pokemon GO players looking to see what's new with one of the biggest mobile games ever made.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Source: Newzoo

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