Several days ago, it was announced that Pokemon GO would be holding Safari Zone events in Europe later this summer that will offer players of the popular augmented reality mobile title the chance to catch some region-exclusive creatures. Now, however, organizers have confirmed that fans looking to take part in the events will need to register beforehand, for it seems as if entry is going to be limited to just a couple thousand players per event.

Initially, Pokemon GO developer Niantic and its partner Unibail-Rodamco set up Facebook events for several of the Safari Zones and told fans that they could register for them if they liked, but now it has been announced that online preregistration is required. One event in specific that is to be held in Amsterdam revealed to players of the mobile game that only 2,000 trainers will be able to attend.

For those unaware, Pokemon GO‘s Safari Zones are live events that will be held at multiple Unibail-Rodamco malls across Europe and contain “special” raids. No doubt,¬†due to the events taking place at commercial locations, the player limits are being put in place to quell concerns related to crowds getting too large and violating fire safety laws. One mall in Oberhausen, Germany actually made sure to mention that if attendance for its Safari Zone became bigger than expected, the event would have to be cancelled in the interest of public safety.

Beyond the game’s Safari Zones in Europe, Niantic also has a Pokemon GO Fest community event planned to occur at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on July 22, 2017, which will feature a mystery challenge. While it remains to be seen if there will be a player cap put in place on the attendance at the festival in Chicago, one definite advantage that Safari Zone attendees in Europe have over those at the United States’ Pokemon GO Fest is the lack of an entry fee.

Pokemon GO is available now through Android and iOS.

Source: WWG