Pokemon GO: Rock-type Event Details

pokemon go rock type event details

Despite the numerous criticisms that have plagued the app since its launch, Pokemon GO has maintained a vice-like grip on the imaginations of mobile gamers everywhere. Niantic's take on the long-held dream of Pokemon mixed with every day reality still enjoys a massive and active playerbase, and if the statistics behind Pokemon GO's Grass-type event are any indication, the game's popularity isn't close to waning in the near future.

The success of Pokemon GO's type-specific events hasn't gone unnoticed by Niantic, either, as the developer appears to be leaning more heavily on similar promotions moving forward. In an official update made on the Pokemon GO website, Niantic announced details on the upcoming Rock-type event, which will begin in just a few days on May 18. The event will see Rock-type Pokemon appear more frequently in Pokemon GO's game world, and while Rock-types haven't always been the most popular with fans, the event will see an increase in appearances from big names like Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Sudowoodo, and Onix - as well as their evolutions.

The Rock-type event won't just adjust spawn frequencies, however. The event is also set to add more PokeStops to Pokemon GO's in-game map, while Buddy Pokemon will receive Candy after walking just one-quarter of the previously required distance. The event will also gift players with the Adventurer's Hat, a cosmetic item for their avatar that will be added to the game without fans having to use Pokemon GO's increasingly costly app store.

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For all the positive changes coming to Pokemon GO, however, there are just as many stories emerging from player experiences that continue to frame Niantic's title in a questionable light. The increasing number of Pokemon GO players getting hurt while playing the game is a concerning trend and has long been the game's most persistent criticism from naysayers, but that discussion has done little to hinder Pokemon GO's financial success.

As with every Pokemon GO event in recent memory, the Rock-type event will likely see a big influx in active players for the first few days. Make sure to take advantage of the increased appearances of Rock-types for the week, and happy hunting!

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Live

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