Hostile Pokemon GO Confrontation Ends With a Restraining Order

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Since its release in the summer of 2016, Pokemon GO has generated a lot of fandom, community events, and overall success. In the process, it has also seen a great deal of bizarre occurrences. In its most recent controversy, a Wisconsin Pokemon GO player has been issued a restraining order following a confrontation over the popular mobile game.

A 50-something year old Pokemon GO player in Delafield, Wisconsin has been accused of confronting another 50 year old player in Firemen's Park on Thursday, threatening him and cursing at him. Allegedly, the encounter started to become physical as well, after a series of prior exchanges between the two men.

As a result of Thursday's incident, there is now a restraining order against the aggressor. The Channel 12 Wisconsin news team tried to speak with the man accused of harassment, to no avail. The police arrived shortly thereafter with the restraining in order in hand.

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In light of the accused man's multiple confrontations since the game's year of release, Lt. Landon Nyren of the Delafield Police Department said of those encounters, "The confrontations have all revolved around Pokemon GO." He added, "It was him confronting someone over the game, or someone he believed was involved in the game." A hearing over the accusation is set for May 3.

If there are is any conclusion to be drawn from this incident, it is, at least, that nobody was injured or worse. Given that the man has been accused of having confronted other Pokemon GO players prior to this incident, the issuance of the restraining has provided a preventive measure before these incidents escalate into any further criminal behavior. Unfortunately, some players of the game have been exposed to criminal activity before, such when robbers used Pokemon GO to lure multiple victims. However, that is certainly not the majority of cases and many still enjoy the game today.

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Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: WISN Channel 12

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