The smash-hit iOS and Android title of last summer, one that took the world by storm and reinvigorated the mobile gaming scene, Pokemon GO has sadly suffered a number of hardships recently. From the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago that ended in players requesting refunds and even suing Niantic for the issues they faced during the event to the game’s Safari Zone events getting delayed out of fear things would go wrong yet again, it hasn’t been an easy year for the monster-catching game. And now, yet another technical problem has popped up.

Yesterday, Pokemon GO players experienced a massive glitch when all PokeStops and gyms started distributing two items per visit rather than the usual three to five items. It’s still unknown what exactly the Pokemon GO team was attempting to do on their end that caused this issue to arise (though it appears that they rolled back the map-side server to a point where it stopped correctly giving three or more items), but Niantic developers acknowledged the issues and “fixed” the two-item glitch by restoring a backup version of their system.

pokemon go pokestops two items glitch

Unfortunately, these attempts to correct the nerfed PokeStops situation actually caused another problem: some recently added PokeStops were removed. Reddit user Quakmybush was one Pokemon GO player who experienced such a disappearance in the Ontario, Canada region, specifically. The first PokeStops added to their neighborhood just last week were removed less than 48 hours ago.

As a result of this glitch-on-glitch mishap, Pokemon GO players have potentially missed out on hitting up hundreds of PokeStops. The “fix” did, however, manage to restore item drop rates to their original level, so fans no longer have to worry about PokeStops only doling out two items per visit. The spinning PokeStops that disappeared yesterday are expected to return sometime in the next few days – as soon as the Pokemon GO team gives the system a rest, that is.

pokemon go pokestops glitch two items

Niantic recently forced players to install the game’s most recent update twice after the system un-forced the update on Apple devices yesterday as well; this is a sure sign that Pokemon GO is gearing up to implement something new. However, considering all the glitches that have popped up in this short timeframe, it goes without saying that Pokemon GO fans hope whatever Niantic is cooking up behind the scenes will be finished soon.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

Source: Reddit