Since Registeel is slated to leave the roster in a few days, Pokemon GO players may want to be preparing for the next Pokemon on rotation: Regirock. The third member of the legendary titan trio, Regirock will follow its predecessors, Regice and Registeel, as a legendary raid boss and may present a real challenge to many players.

Thankfully, due to its addition to the game’s code, we already know how to take down the legendary behemoth in Pokemon GO. For those have already managed to catch Regice and Registeel, this final legendary would also round out the trio for the player, at least until Regigas is introduced.

First off, players should know that Regirock’s raid boss CP is 41777, which combined with its pure Rock typing and move set, makes it a powerful raid boss. However, it is also worth mentioning that its max capture CP is 1764 at level 20 with perfect IVs and 2205 at level 25 with perfect IVs and a Partly Cloudy weather boost. While defeating Regirock is viable with a raid group of 4, 6 or 7 players is more recommended.

legendary regirock pokedex entry

Regirock’s Move Set

Unlike Registeel’s move set, which offered the titan little, Regirock has a powerful move set that limits its viable counter pool. Regirock knows the following moves:

  • Rock Throw (quick Rock-type move)
  • Rock Smash (quick Fighting-type move)
  • Stone Edge (charged, 1 bar Rock-type move)
  • Focus Blast (charged, 1 bar Fighting-type move)
  • Zap Cannon (charged, 1 bar Electric-type move)

While its quick moves are rather basic, a Zap Cannon Regirock will wreck most Water-type counters. Kyogre and Vaporeon remain viable to a degree, but players should absolutely avoid using a Gyarados, as it takes double super effective damage from every move listed above except the Fighting-type moves.

Weather Boost

Regirock is boosted by Partly Cloudy weather, which presents the best chance for a stronger catch but also makes it much more difficult to defeat. If facing a weather-boosted Regirock proves to be too much, players can try to take a weather advantage by facing the titan with a Cloudy weather-boosted Fighting-type or Sunny-boosted Grass-type. However, it’s important to note to not face a Zap Cannon Regirock in Rainy weather because, even though it’s not a bad choice for a Water counter against a Stone Edge or Focus Blast Regirock, Zap Cannon Regirock receive a powerful boost against Water-types (Electric-type moves are also boosted in Rainy weather).

Best Counters

Here is a list of Regirock’s weaknesses: Water, Fighting, Ground, Grass, and Steel. The following are Regirock’s best counters and their corresponding move set:

  • Kyogre (Waterfall/Hydro Pump)
  • Groudon (Mud Shot/Solar Beam)
  • Rhydon (Mud Slap/Surf)
  • Machamp (Counter/Dynamic Punch)
  • Venusaur (Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant)
  • Heracross (Counter/Close Combat)

Of the aforementioned, Groudon will absolutely shine against Regirock, as the above move set is entirely boosted by Sunny weather. As long as it’s not a Zap Cannon Regirock, Kyogre will also perform very well. However, if players do not have access to either of these legendaries, a Surf Rhydon will do wonders as a budget Groudon, and a Frenzy Plant Venusaur will also have an advantage over Regirock in lieu of Kyogre.

Overall, Machamp stands as the most solid option against Regirock, as the Fighting-type takes reduced or neutral damage from all Regirock attacks, while also dealing tons of damage. A Heracross will suffice as a counter if players do not have Machamp.


While Regirock requires a little forethought and strategizing, it will eventually fall to a prepared player. Considering Registeel remains on the roster for a few more days, players can also follow this Registeel counter guide in order to add the legendary to their collection. Looking forward, what comes after Regirock remains to be seen, but we’re hoping to see gen 4 legendary rotations begin soon. Until then, good luck with those Regis, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub