Pokemon GO: Here Are the Region Exclusives You Can Hatch This Week

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The summer is almost over and with it are a series of great in-game events in Pokemon GO. But Niantic has conjured up a way to counter those end-of-summer blues with the Ultra Bonus Event, which has recently entered its second week. In addition to other various activities, trainers have a chance to hatch Pokemon from different regions for a limited time.

There's a lot going on in Pokemon GO at the moment, with week 2 of the Ultra Bonus event in full swing. The Legendary Pokemon Deoxys was once an EX exclusive, but is currently available through level 5 Raids. The difference is that now players won't need an invite to participate. Also during this time, players are encouraged to hatch as many eggs as possible since Niantic is cutting the required egg distance to hatch in half.

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It is best to use this special perk to help hatch regional exclusive Pokémon made available for the event. These are Kanto Pokemon only available in certain regions of the world. Now they're available for a short time through eggs, saving Pokemon GO players some very expensive travel fees. They will appear in 7km eggs, which are eggs that can only be obtained from friend gifts. There are four Pokemon in total, and they are the same as before: Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros. The major difference this time around is players will have a chance at hatching a shiny version of these Pokemon.

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In addition to the Ultra Bonus event, the September 2019 research tasks and rewards are also now available. There are a lot of tasks to complete, but the rewards are worth the trouble. For example, players have several opportunities to catch shiny Pokemon through various encounter rewards, which are always fun variations to add to a collection. Additionally, there is a way to earn an adorable flower crown Eevee. With all of the hats Pikachu has worn throughout the year, all of which were made available this summer during a special event, it is about time another Pokemon got some love with cute headwear.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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