Europe is in line for some region exclusive Pokemon spawning for Pokemon GO in certain cities this weekend. Niantic has decided to reward European players in 46 different cities across more than 15 different countries. Starting this weekend and going through August 21, players in these specific cities will be able to catch the previously rare Pokemon Kangaskhan and Unown.

Kangaskhan is typically region-exclusive to Australia, so this may be the one chance for dedicated European Pokemon GO trainers to catch the otherwise rare Pokemon. Unown is extremely rare in general, but was added into Pokemon GO in the Generation 2 update. Prior to this change, the Pokemon were unlikely to spawn except in very rare circumstances, like during special Niantic events.

Even though Unown will be more readily available these next few weeks, trainers still have a tough task ahead. There are 26 different Unown forms to capture and a special Medal that shows how many in total a trainer has caught. The initial Medal unlocks at 3 captured Unowns, turns silver at 10, and then goes gold for all 26. Unown only fills one slot in the Pokedex, luckily, but there are 26 alphabet letters within the Pokedex listing that unlock as each form is caught. It’ll help trainers with what Unowns are left to catch but only makes the task more daunting.

Pokemon GO Region Exclusive Event in Europe - Unown

Here are the 46 different cities where the two Pokemon will be available for Pokemon GO players to catch, separated by country/region:

  • Austria – Vienna
  • Czech Republic – Prague
  • Denmark –  Copenhagen
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • France – Dijon, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Rennes
  • Germany – Berlin, Bochum, Gera, Leipzig, Monchengladbach, Munich, Oberhausen, Recklinghausen
  • Italy – Milan, Naples, Rome
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Poland – Warsaw
  • Portugal – Lisbon
  • Slovakia – Bratislava
  • Spain – Badajoz, Barcelona, Cadiz, Madrid, Sevilla, San Sebastian, Valencia, Valladolid
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • Switzerland – Zurich
  • The Netherlands – Almere, Amsterdam, Leidschendam, Zoetermeer
  • United Kingdom – Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester

In addition to the special Pokemon GO spawns, local Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers throughout Europe will have a special event on the weekends of August 12 and August 19. Pokestops near these shopping centers will have Lure Modules activated on these weekends. It’s not quite as exciting as exclusive Pokemon spawns, but it’s better than nothing. Maybe trainers will be able to combine the two events to catch tons of Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.