Pokemon GO: Here Are the Region-Specific Pokemon

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Reports suggest that a number of Pokemon in Pokemon GO are specific to different regions of the world. Read on to find out where to catch these elusive monsters.

Although all 151 of the original generation Pokemon are apparently available to catch in Pokemon GO, some have been found to be more elusive than others. It's no surprise, then, to see app users taking every possible chance to get their hands on rare Pokemon, with a stampede of players forming in Central Park to try and catch Vaporeon. However, even those who claim to have caught every Pokemon in America are likely to find a few pocket monsters missing, and this is apparently due to some Pokemon being region-specific.

The notion of region-locked Pokemon has been a rumor among Pokemon GO players effectively since the game launched, and now looks to have been confirmed by various fan groups. lists lists the following Pokemon as being region-specific: Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros. As well as this, Pokemon GO community project The Silph Road also seems to back up those claims.

So, fans of the above Pokemon, or those looking to complete their Pokedex to fulfil those nostalgic urges, may have to travel far and wide to find those Pokemon in the wild. Farfetch'd is apparently exclusive to Asia, Kangaskhan is only available in Australasia, Mr. Mime is region-specific to Europe, and Tauros is found in North America.

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Given that this region-specific Pokemon mechanic has not actually been confirmed by developer Niantic or by Nintendo, however, there are still plenty of debates over exactly how far these Pokemon roam. Some are unsure as to whether Kangaskhan can be found across the entirety of Australasia or just in Australia specifically, while there are still discussions over whether Tauros is also available in South America. Meanwhile, Farfetch'd is apparently widely available in Japan and South Korea, but at the moment the level of rarity has not been verified across the whole of Asia.

At the moment, there are also conflicting reports as to whether these region-specific Pokemon can be added to a user's collection through using and hatching eggs. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence going around, but given the different properties of the various eggs found in-game, there's always the possibility that the sheer rarity of these Pokemon means that no-one has simply had the luck of the draw when it comes to getting one of the region-locked Pokemon.

Niantic's silence on the ins and outs of Pokemon GO has certainly led to a bit of confusion from players, particularly with regards to these region-specific Pokemon. However, keeping the mystery of the game going while fans are waiting for much-needed new features is a sure-fire way to make people want to keep playing. Given that the game has now propelled Nintendo above Sony in terms of market value, Pokemon GO is certainly doing something right.

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Sources: Serebii, The Silph Road (via Eurogamer)

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