Pokemon GO Special Event May Add Regigigas

pokemon regigigas

A new item found by Pokemon GO players suggests that a new event will be happening soon. This event is likely to star the legendary Pokemon Rigigigas, and the item suggests that this event will happen in November.

Niantic is no stranger to ticketed Pokemon GO events, with the Safari Zone event happening late last month in Montreal. However, due to the available about this item, the "A Colossal Discovery" event will be a Community Day-like international event.

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The new item found in Pokemon GO is a ticket to the event "A Colossal Discovery." The event is set to take play on Saturday, November 2, from 11AM to 7PM local time. The ticket doesn't provide any additional information about the event, but the ticket is also a re-colored Raid Pass, so "A Colossal Discovery" may be a special raid event. While Regigigas isn't actually confirmed for the event, the name of the event makes it very likely that the legendary Pokemon will be the focus. A Gigas is a Greek word for giant, and colossal is also typically used to describe giants, which points to the missing fourth-generation legendary Pokemon Regigigas.

This new ticket was originally found in the same Pokemon GO data leak for Galarian Forms, so those that have been on the pulse of Pokemon GO information may not be surprised by the discovery of this item. However, all that was really known from the data leak was that the item existed. This new information provides the event date and time, and also heavily implies this will be an international event, as opposed to being limited to a specific location.


This may be a datamine, but it's just the latest of the plethora of Pokemon GO content coming to the game in the upcoming months. Niantic has gone on record to say that September was the most profitable month for Pokemon GO since its release, and it doesn't seem like the company wants that momentum to end. With more events and Community Days, and even more Pokemon GO Team Rocket battles, there will be plenty to keep players entertained until the end of the year.

Niantic will be sure to reveal more about the "A Colossal Discovery" event soon.

Pokemon GO is available to play now on Android and iOS.

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