Pokemon GO: How to Counter Regice

Pokemon GO's Colossal Discovery Event has been running for two days now, offering players who've paid for their ticket the chance to go through four quests with rewards ranging from Golden Razz Berries to Sinnoh Stones. As the latest event for Pokemon GO, Niantic's Augmented-Reality take on the classic series, Colossal Discovery is also first to require players to buy a ticket to access it.

Fresh off the back of the announcement that Pokemon GO has grossed more than $3 billion since launch, the new event focuses on the Regis group of Pokemon, also known as the Legendary Titans or the Legendary Golems, as well as their Master Regigigas. The trio consists of ice-type Regice, rock-type Regirock, and steel-type Registeel, all three of which share a similar appearance and a weakness to Fighting. Of the three, Regice is certainly the most challenging, but will need to be defeated in order to complete the event. Here's our guide to the best way to take him down.

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It's Super-Effective!

As an ice-type legendary Pokemon, Regice is weak to Fire, Rock, Steel and Fighting, which theoretically gives players a wide range of counters that they can call on to defeat it. Things are never quite that simple however, as players participating in Pokemon GO's first paid Event also need to take Regice's own attacks into consideration, which are a mix of Ice, Fighting and Rock.

As such, the ideal counters for Regice are mostly high-tier fire-types such as Moltres, Charizard and Chandelure, focusing on their Fire Spin and Overheat moves to quickly melt through Regice's defenses. However, just like in the fight against its rock-type brother Regirock, steel-type Metagross and fighting-type Machamp are also good picks, as attacks such as Meteor Mash and Dynamic Punch will be super-effective against Regice, and each of the Pokemon have the bulk to last through its counters.

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Other Factors

Preparing for the opponent's most dangerous moves is a reliable path to victory in Pokemon GO, and the fight with Regice is no exception. Players hoping to complete their Research Tasks by taking on Regice should be especially wary of Earthquake for its massive damage and Rock Smash for its speed and power.

Another consideration when taking on Regice is Pokemon GO's Weather System, with the Legendary Boss being boosted to a higher level in snowy conditions. Players planning on using fire should wait for a sunny day, and the fire-damage bonus that comes with it, which may make the crucial difference between victory and defeat.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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