Pokemon GO: Rayquaza Legendary Raid Hour Details

Pokemon GO shiny Rayquaza cinematic

While we're all getting swept up in the excitement of the newest Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer, which revealed new rivals and, of course, new PokemonPokemon GO players will need to keep focused and prepare for a new Legendary Raid Hour that's happening later today - one that will allow players a chance to battle and capture the cover star of Pokemon Emerald, Rayquaza.

The event will begin at 6pm local time for whichever area players are located in (for example, it'll be 6pm in the US and 6pm in the UK, regardless) and last for only an hour, ending at 7pm. In that time, every gym in the area will spawn a Tier 5 Raid Battle, which will contain Rayquaza. It's apparently not known if players will receive five free Raid Passes for the hour, however. We recommend players check out our updated guide for battling Rayquaza, as the addition of new Pokemon and such have changed the metagame since Rayquaza's last appearance. At the very least, players should attempt it with an ice-type like Glaceon or Mamoswine due to that being a big weakness of Rayquaza's.

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Niantic has also confirmed that, this time around, players will even be able to possibly encounter a shiny Rayquaza, though the odds of it aren't particularly high, with players likely only having a 5% chance of encountering one.

Aside from this, Pokemon GO players still have a ton to enjoy in the game, with the GO Fest currently taking place as well, which has its own rewards players can earn. Plus, Niantic has also been teasing a possible appearance by Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni. With Team Rocket infesting the game with Shadow Pokemon and players driving them off, it makes sense for their boss to step in and potentially challenge players.

Fans are also wondering when Generation 5 will be added to the title. It's been nearly a year since Gen 4 was added and some suspect that Pokemon from Unova will start to pop up around Autumn of this year, though considering that there are a lot of new Pokemon to be included (specifically, 156 of them, with nine Legendaries and four Mythical ones), it's possible that they won't show up until a little bit later. As of now, there has been no official statement from Niantic.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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