In light of the legendary week Raid Battles event, Pokemon GO has announced a special egg event for players who meet a certain goal before March 5th. If players meet the goal before the due date, they can look forward to Pokemon that prefer windy weather being more likely to hatch from eggs starting on March 5th.

In order to unlock this special egg event, players need to defeat the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza more than Kyogre and Groudon (combined) by March 5th. If players succeed, more Pokemon that prefer windy weather will hatch from eggs, and if not, Pokemon that prefer sunny or rainy weather will be more likely to hatch from eggs.

If players meet this goal, they can look forward to increased hatching rates for all dragon type, flying type, and psychic type Pokemon from March 5th. Similarly, if players do not meet the goal, they can expect increased hatching rates for fire type, grass type, and ground type Pokemon, as well as water type, electric type, and bug type Pokemon.

Kyogre and Groudon have appeared in the game once more to face Rayquaza for the legendary Raid Battles event that started on February 28th, and they will be departing again very soon. According to the Pokemon GO Twitter account, heading into the weekend, Team Rayquaza leads by a margin of 52% vs. 48% for both Team Kyogre and Team Groudon in the legendary Raid Battles event. There is no indication as to when Pokemon influenced by the outcome of this event will stop hatching, but we might assume that it won’t be until the next big event or update in the game.

Of course, there have been some issues with the weather system recently implemented in the game as well, and some players feel that it is flawed. But for Pokemon GO players who participate in raids, it is certainly a fun challenge to take on in addition to the legendary Raid Battles event currently happening in the game.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.