One Pokemon GO player cannot believe their luck, as their condo acts as a spawnpoint for a variety of incredibly hard-to-find Pokemon available for the mobile sensation.

As soon as Pokemon GO was released, a huge number of Pokemon fans started dedicating a large amount of time to finding and catching the rarest Pokemon available. Unfortunately, a lot of a player’s success with the game came down to things a little out of their control, such as their geographical location. That said, this clearly works both ways, as shown by a very lucky user who happens to be living on top of a veritable depository of rare Pokemon.

The player, named Baoba, lives in a condo that acts as a spawnpoint for numerous incredibly hard-to-find Pokemon. According to Baoba, the condo has become such a perfect place to catch Pokemon that he and his fellow Pokemon GO-playing friends have started calling it The Safari Zone.

Rather than keep this secret to himself, Baoba has shared the wealth through the use of a Twitter page devoted to his rare and unusual Pokemon GO finds. It’s a fascinating spot to turn up as a spawnpoint for rare Pokemon – although those players who are stuck with Pidgey and Rattata as their local Pokemon will no doubt be watching it with more than a little bit of jealousy.

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So what types of Pokemon show up at Baoba’s condo, exactly? Well, a brief glimpse at his Twitter page reveals that numerous rare Pokemon have appeared, including the likes of wild Kabutops and Ninetails. Sometimes, various hard-to-find Pokemon will appear in one go, such as the spawing of Dratini, Magneton, and an Eevee just for good measure.

Of course, not all Pokemon will be spawning at Baoba’s condo any time soon. After all, if reports prove to be true, then there are numerous Pokemon that are region-locked for Pokemon GO. So, there should be at least three Pokemon that should be unable to be found in the wild – unless Baoba’s condo has additional magic Pokemon GO properties rather than simply having a wide array of Pokemon available.

By not having to leave his house, of course, Baoba has ended up cutting out a large proportion of what makes Pokemon GO such a unique experience, but that does mean that he is able to avoid some of the nastier aspects of the title. After all, he won’t be needing to join the hordes of others trying to catch Vaporeon in Central Park any time soon, and it’s unlikely that he’d be caught playing Pokemon GO while driving and hitting a parked police car.

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Source: Twitter (via Did You Know Facts)